Law Enforcement Surveillance Act

This is to make it a federal law that all police, state troopers, sheriff\'s, deputies, and government employees working as enforcers of the law to wear body cameras and have them on while on duty

This petition is to mandate that all police, sheriff's, troopers, deputies, and enforcers of the law wear body cameras at all times while on duty.This is to reduce the current craze of injustice done to minorities and the many various victims of law enforcement brutality. The cameras are to protect both citizens and enforcers of the law, and will also serve justice for both sides as well. The cameras will allow the citizens to conduct procedures to remove crooked law enforcers, help reward the law enforcers who are doing proper procedures, and serve as a training aid for both law enforcers, and citizens pursuing a career in criminal justice. This country was created for everyone to have equal opportunities regardless of race, creed, color, religion, gender, and nationality. We must act now so we all have a future.
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