Killing Americans

I cannot believe that hundreds of thousands of Americans are dying and we are doing nothing about it. Why? Because you are allowing illegal drugs to enter our Country and it is causing an epidemic of "folks" to overdose. These are Americans! Does it even matter to you or you just replace them with immigration. If we were a small Community and you were allowing this to happen do you think you would be in charge anymore? Yet we have the current Administration destroying the 1st Amendment over "vaccine misinformation" where the covid pandemic was only killing tens of thousands of Americans but you want to lock down the entire Country. This drug pandemic is 10 times worse than Covid yet we do nothing about it. I call on the Government to fight the drug cartels any way we can by closing the border, labeling them as terrorists, start clamping down on China or any other Country sending drugs to America. This should be the fight you are interested in. We are losing confidence in our Government because they stopped caring about the Individuals in America.