Keep Lahaina in the Hands of the Locals!

This petition is to request support (financial and legal) for the indigenous people of Hawai`i - specifically, Lahaina, Maui.

Lahaina is a Hawaiian treasure and needs to be retained/rebuilt in its original form, or as the local families choose. This land cannot be ceded to rich, million and billionaire Haoles (non-natives) so they can turn Lahaina into another commercialized Waikiki - or worse, use it to create a 15-minute city.

We are requesting Congressional support for the following:

1. Assurance that the families that own that property retain right of ownership without coercion from any outside party.

2. Financial support ($700.00 per household is embarrassing and everyone knows that) to the local families to help them rebuild back as they choose.

3. Legal protection from wealthy interests who are trying to buy up the land at fire-sale prices.

4. Give the local families a voice to decide the future of their town and properties.

Regardless of how this tragic fire started, the local people of Lahaina deserve to keep their property, and they deserve the support of all of us to ensure that happens.