Keep The FDA Out and Legalize Adult Stem Cell Therapy l

Lets get well in our country. We have the right to adult stem cell therapy. The FDA does not own our bodies.

Millions of people including children suffer from diseases in our country that rob them from the good life they deserve. Umbilical Cord blood is discarded from hospitals every day when a baby is born. The cord blood contains millions of healthy stem cells.

Adult Stem Cell Therapy is another way to cure patients with stem cells. This therapy involves using the patient's own stem cells and is a proven method. Currently the FDA denies doctor's from using the patients own stem cells to improve their health. Our bodies are our property and our doctor's must be able to provide the care that will make us well.

Some doctor's know how to treat patients with Adult Stem Cell Therapy as well as cord blood but it is limited on what can be done. The FDA tries to interfere with this procedure as well because they don't want to let go of their power.

The FDA wants to control Adult Stem Cell Therapy but has failed in the responsibility that they do have which is the food source. The FDA should be investigating Factory Farms and Egg Farms which make people sick due to the sick environment the food comes from. The FDA has no business standing in the way of doctors and their patients in these life saving procedures.

Why isn't this therapy advertised and made legal in the United States? Our country should be in the lead and help all of our people with the technology available but not utilized. Keep the FDA and Government out of Stem Cell Therapy and give our doctor's the ability to do what is necessary to cure us and our families. Don't allow the FDA and Pharmacutical companies to run our country. We have the right to the care that will make us well. We have the right to our own bodies.

A doctor, Dr. David Steenblock, can provide this therapy to the many people suffering in this country and he wants to train other doctors. It is time for our country to support him. I know what Dr. Steenblock can do and have seen the success's in this life saving therapy.

The link below is about Adult Stem Cell Therapy.