Investigate the death of Shanquella Robinson.

According to Bernard and Sallamondra Robinson, their 25-year-old daughter Shanquella Robinson left Charlotte on an excursion to Cabo, Mexico, on October 28 with a group of friends. Shanquella's mother stated that she spoke to her on a Friday night while she was eating dinner, and then on Saturday night, her 'friends' called to say that they were contacting a doctor because she wasn't feeling well. And although the doctor hadn't arrived yet when they called, they nevertheless reported that she had alcohol poisoning. However, her parents didn't believe that their daughter died from alcohol poisoning.

After they said it was alcohol poisoning, Shanquella'parents received the autopsy report, and it said that her neck had been fractured, that she had a back spasm and that there was a break. Her spinal cord was cracked. That raised the stakes significantly because it indicated that she had been attacked.

The U.S. Department of State released the following statement in response to the death: “We are aware of these reports. Protecting the welfare of U.S. citizens overseas is among our top priorities. Out of respect for the privacy of those involved, we have no further comment at this time.”

Furthermore, in order to shed light on the circumstances behind Shanquella Robinson's passing, the family contacted the Charlotte FBI field office. They are also considering hiring a private investigator.

Lastly, Shanquella Robinson's body returned to Charlotte on Thursday, and the funeral service will be next Saturday.

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There is a video of Shanquella's 'friend' attacking her right before her death. Therefore, her death needs to be investigated. Here is the video of what happened

*Trigger warning* -The following video contains violence that might be disturbing for some viewers. Viewer discretion is advised.