Dcs in Mcminn county Tennessee has harassed me for the last 37 years. 16 years I’ve been a mother and DCS has made false reports and continue to harass me and take my children on perjury and on hearsay. My three youngest children that I have been fighting for for the last 10 months have irreparable damage and trauma severe trauma. My three-year-old son has its the worst. DCS refuses to let up on following me harassing me and refuses to leave me and my family alone and let us live our life in peace. These DCS worker‘s here continually follow me and harass me and they don’t care about their irreparable damage and scarring that they have caused in my children’s life! Something has to be done! I have took their abuse and harassment far too long! And I refuse to allow them to mentally and emotionally and spiritually torture and abuse my children anymore! Please something legal Has to be done against them ! If they are not held accountable for their actions then they will continue to be corrupt and cause injustice and abuse in our lives! I will speak up for my children for your children! We are our children’s voices! Bring our children home give our children back! Stop lying saying that reunification is your goal , when in actuality and in truth it is not. DCS is a demonic government entity they take children out of good loving homes just to have them tortured and abused so they can make money it is all political. And they do not have the child’s best interest like they state. If it was the child’s best interest then the child would be left at home where they felt safe and secure and loved not living in fear screaming mommy don’t let them take me away! Every single day for the last two months that my son was home after being gone for eight hellacious abusive irreparable damage causing months he lived in fear every day he would cry mommy don’t let them take me away please mommy you promise I go home with you! And a week ago today they made me look like a liar to my child and ripped him away on hearsay even with my witnesses speaking to the workers on my son and my behalf ! Victoria Hodges who works For Mcminn county DCS in Athens Tennessee lied under oath which is perjury something needs to be done legally to her! Jennifer Caulkins the CPS worker who I call Satan‘s wife because Satan comes to kill steal and destroy had a judge sign off and removed my three children 10 months ago back in August 2021. She has harassed me by coming onto my property following me in several different vehicles called in referrals Against me slandering my name and my children with no remorse. She has even stated to other DCS worker ‘s that she is not giving up on this case until all my children are gone From my custody. Legal action needs to be taken against her ! I should not be stalked By Jennifer Caulkins , and it is aggravated stalking and aggravated harassment. But because she works for a government entity she thinks that no repercussions will be done and no legal action will be taken! I will continue to fight for my family against these evil demons and this evil demonic government entity ! There should be a law for miss use of DCS abuse hotline .
I know if you miss use 911 they put you in jail that needs to be done with DCS calls as well. I personally myself have had over 40 calls in five years because people did not like me people hated me and it was a way that they could get back at me . I refuse to allow CPS DCS and this demonic entity to continue to harass my family and myself! Please if you are a parent at all or or a parent that actually cares put yourself in mine and many other parents shoes. What if it was your child being ripped away from you! How would you feel what actions would you take!? Please help my family and stop the corruption of DCS! Make America great again and leave our family alone! I will not stop fighting for my family my children are my whole world ! I will not sit back and be silent I will step up and take the stand for my children and your children! Please Jesus have mercy! The lion of Judah is roaring! He sees this injustice he sees the abuse that DCS is causing and he will not let God‘s children continue to be hurt and abused by DCS! You don’t mess with gods children! Vengeance is mine saith the lord! Please help my family! I need help filing a lawsuit against DCS , for pain and suffering and injustice on my family! I want legal action taken and I want them in jail ripped away from their families and their children maybe then will they understand what they are doing to my family and many others! And the judges not all but one certain judge is in cahoots with DCS. He needs to be held responsible for his actions as well. He needs to be ripped away from his wife and his children and see how he would feel. Judge not lest ye be judged! When Jesus drew the line in the sand And said to the people that we’re going to Stone the woman who are you to cast the first stone have you not sinned!?
Same goes for today if any of you have not sinned then you can cast the first stone. But that woman did not get stoned to death because none of her accusers were able to answer honestly to Jesus and say that they had not sinned !!!
That goes for all these cases as well! Please fight for my family And my children so they don’t have To go thru this mental and emotional abuse from Dcs anymore!! Thank you and God bless!