Texas CPS had officially granted the birth father emergency custody and instructed him to move back to Ohio with his daughters in 2013. Upon arrival in Ohio. Texas CPS contacted Ohio CPS. Ohio CPS came to the new residence and completed a home study to verify the safety of the children and to ensure that they were adequately provided for. Which it was and Ohio CPS closed the case. In 2015 the father agreed to allow a supervised visit with the mother and her family for Christmas so long as Texas CPS could approve a person they deemed fit. The half brother of the mother was approved as a supervisor. And everyone was instructed that the supervisor was in charge and that the mother was not permitted to be around the children unless he was present. And that he and the children were to visit for a week at which time they would contact the father who would come and pick them up. This never happened. The mother took the children and everyone changed their contact numbers and addresses. In 2017 the children were taken by Texas CPS and no one ever contacted the Father. I had to call Texas CPS and inform them that I was the father of both of the daughters. Which they were not aware of amd had the mothers boyfriend as the father.
CPS kept me completely ostracized and refused to share any information with me. I hired a lawyer who was able to start the process of getting the girls back home. However a 3500 dollar retainer every 2 weeks isn't something a father that is an honorabley discharged disabled veteran can afford....

The state of Texas Child Protection Services placed my two daughters in a home. And refused to involve their biological father who lived out of state in Ohio. Where they were placed was a known abusive family. It had been previously reported by several others prior to the placement by others and the head of the household had been deemed as unfit by CPS in a case that was prior to this for physical child abuse. In August of 2020 during the pandemic in the historic heat wave that impacted Texas. The "mother" of the placement household who happens to also be a school teacher for special education. Forced my oldest daughter Jaylin. To Jump on a trampoline during 110 degree heat with out food or water for an entire day.
They claimed that she had fallen on the trampoline and subsequently broken her neck. The police did not agree and it was investigated. The autopsy confirmed that the cause of death was severe dehydration. My 8 year old daughter was knowingly tortured and tormented to death. Texas CPS was aware and several reports were filed by several different people. And yet the only effort they made was to change caseworkers everytime a report was made. And to purposefully alienate the father that they had already approved and given custody to. They need to be held accountable.
Ashley Scwarz and Daniel Schwarz have both been charged with Capital Murder which is A Capital Felony. As well as two counts each of Intentional Injury of a Child causing serious bodily Injury (SBI) Both of which are the highest offense that the state can possibly charge anyone of being the classification of Felony 1. Both Ashley and Daniel were granted bail after they tortured my daughter in front of her younger sister. They are both wandering around free enjoying life while my child is in a grave far before her time. Injustice at the hands of CPS. This has to stop. Midterms are drawing near and the citizens need to believe and trust in someone as an elected leader. Someone that can show that they are doing something other than living their best life while our children die at the hands of corruption. The court date for those child killers Is October 10 2022. But will more than likely be granted a continuance for them to enjoy more of their vacation. While a service members life is in utterly destroyed and in ruins. As the murderers roam free. Protected by the same country he fought to defend. Fix it.