Justice for Donnie Lee Stegmann DOB 01-16-1971 (murder Victim) Case #90111367-27

Please sign this Petition - if You feel that JUSTICE as defined by the Law was disregarded and this case (#90111367-27) should be reopened.

Donnie Stegmann was just reaching adulthood at the age of 20, only 3 months before his 21st birthday. Married to his high school sweetheart and the Daddy to his adorable baby boy who he would never get to see again.

In October 1990 Donnie Stegmann was murdered in Lucerne Valley on Allen Way and Sunset, just down the way from a local park in town. Although shots were heard around 21:00 in that area and two men were seen in a car waving a gun and chasing another man on foot. As well as the poice report with given statements from the suspects admitting to the one man getting his brother and then arming themselves with a Mag Light and a loaded gun (instead of calling the police for an alledged tresspasser/whom they knew) from there they hunted a human (Donnie Stegmann) down like prey and shooting him once in the side toward his back, another in the spine and a third shot to the crown of his head and beating him in the head with the Mag Light fracturing his skull in several areas. The suspects were allowed to leave without charges being filed, even after admiting to his murder.

This police report is available to the public, along with the other police reports and civil complaints against the one suspect who is on record for continued complaints from the public. Second Degree Murder is defined as a Death caused by Rage, which the suspects admit to.

Please sign this Petition - if You feel that JUSTICE as defined by the Law was disregarded and this case (#90111367-27) should be reopened.

We will be forwarding all signatures to the San Bernardino County District Attorney's Office in California and to the Cold Case Unit.

We thank you for your time and support.

Please feel free to view his Web page or contact his family by email or via the website.

Thank You,

Donnie Stegmann's Family

Update 01/03/2017 - New Witness's have come forward that were not interviewed that night. San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department Refuses to take their statements or make any effort to Resubmit this case to District Attorney. District Attorney due to the ADA John Tomberlin's personal bias and friendship with suspects family, refuse to prosecute this case.

Your help is greatly appreciated. Thank you

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