Justice and compensation for victims of gang stalking

Ladies and gentlemen of congress. My name is Arturo Moreno Jr im 48 years of age . Ive been a hard worker in the building construction industry for 28 years such projects include homeland security The FBI and DEA agencies. My career has been destroyed my character has been assadinated and defamated. I've socially slandered and falsly accused of being in connection with terrorist activity or suspected of involvement . For the past two years I've been harrassed, atogonized and humiliated. My privacy has been violated my mail is constantly being stolen and my residency and vehicle illegally entered with the successful implantation of listening and tracking devices. I've ask the police for help and in doing that I was committed and tied up blind folded and drugged at the pyschward. My phone is constantly hacked and my belongings sabotaged. There has been two occasions where the front wheels to my vehicle intentionally loosened causing a near catastrophic accident. Im watched 24 hours a day 7 days a week . I cant find any employment. I stereo typed as a criminal. Im in a finiancal disaster which cost me the lost of my family and tge lost of my self esteem. I love my country and i lovemy fellow americans my Government and branched agencies ,military branches and law agencies. I would never betray or be a traitor to my beloved country and my american brothers and sisters. I'll do all i can to protect and to serve my people and my land even if i give up my life for old glory. Please , this has to stop. Im at tge lowest level of my life. Im a skillful intelligent respectful love and caring man. For these accusations have turned my family and friends against me. Please help in any way .I believe in my Country and My respectful Government. Thank you and god bless the USA...

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