Justice for all in family court

My issue is that my supposedly sons father placed illegal cameras in the bathroom where he took to Family Court and took my children away for me the judge never asked if I knew I was being videoed I didn’t have an attorney and I didn’t know about the court proceeding until the day before it’s been almost 8 years now and I still don’t have my children I had to do all these programs that were court ordered he had to do nothing I completed them all with success and still don’t get to use what I learn with my children because I can’t have them he was charged with six counts of video voyeurism and one eavesdropping charge but the lawyer that I paid $700 to local lawyer to sue him dropped my case two days before the statute of limitation‘s ran out kept my money didn’t do anything for me didn’t return my money because he was in on it the baby daddy his attorney the judge and my attorney we’re all working against me Cps charge me when neglecting other things over and over and over again I had to take drug screens which I did and passed but after he was charged with six counts video voyeurism and one eavesdropping charge where the very same video played and family court room he still got Sole custody of my son I found bark and plates on his attorney and the judge that was no success either even though I had proof backing up what I have been saying