Judges and lawyers that use the court system for their own personal gain

In December 2006 I was served with a restraining order by my wife and kids this was a phony straightening order it was nothing but a bunch of Lies but I see how the courts and the judges the lawyers use this to make money they violate your cervical rights in order to make money they make the trials last as long as possible to make money even my own attorney lied in order for me to get more time on a restrain order so they can make more money and trial this cost me my family not seeing my family and my grandkids destroyed my life at the time I had was getting ready to have major surgery you want letters from the doctors judge Oakley kept me in the courtroom for 8 hours at a time when I had major surgery done to my spine I have screws and rods in my back wasn't supposed to say it they made me sleep in the car even after telling him but I was not able to sleep in the car and letters from my home doctors explained that I had major construction surgery it was a nightmare I was putting the streets or barely no money these lawyers and judges did not care what was happening to me I lost about a hundred pounds I was in and out of the hospitals but yet they kept burning me through the court system based on lies Judge James Oakley finally give me five years of restraining orders a funny fire my attorney because he was just trying to make money off me and my wife I dropped it for a while and in 2014 that we filed my divorce again I moved it to a different County but yet somehow the Madera County brought it back to Madera it took me the first lawyer ripped me off of 4000 he was a drug addict and an alcoholic my wife then filed another restraining based lies she's told my dogs but the judge refused to give him back to me the new judge in the case was a woman this time they violated my Civic rights for two and a half years in order for the attorney to make money I won the case after about two and a half years my wife got impeached but nothing happened to her now it took another three or four years to get divorce and divide up one house they went around the bush and around the bush and around the bush it was like repeating myself every 2 months finally got to where I gave up and just I was supposed to buy Malaya my wife out after 2 years but then that didn't work out and then she kept her new attorneys what's just kept moving it up another year moving it up another year finally after 15 years I came to trial I went to a room but I could tell that my attorney was not trying to help me I finally agreed to sell the property out to my wife give up my dog my military Jeeps decided for my wife just to buy me out after her destroying the home my case was a nightmare and a half after about forty or fifty thousand dollars in attorney fees my lawyers knew that I that I was getting money from workman's comp and other lawsuits this is why the trial went out so long they wanted to see how much of that money they can get the court system is nothing but a scam they don't care I didn't spend my life in 15 years at this time I just wanted to grab a gun and shoot the hell out of these f****** lawyers or judges but my mind told me not to I said this is not the kind of person I am but this is what they drive you to they put their lives on Harm's Way in order to get your money they don't realize everyday is a struggle for you not to pick up a gun and go shoot the f****** bastards excuse my language but these people are awful they turn a law-abiding citizen into a criminal are almost through the court system needs to be changed they risked their lives over $40,000 I would have been glad to pay the $40,000 to get the f****** trial over in a month or two they seem they seem to take it as a kind of a game put police officers in danger they put security guards in danger they put the regular public people in danger over money lawyer should charge on a flat basis not by the hour that divorce should not take longer than 6 months especially in my case it's unbelievable how they use a court systems and make money although I call the FBI a few times complained to Congress and senators and even the president knighted states but nothing seems to ever or nobody cared all he cares about how much money to put it in a freaking pockets this is a crime and all of us because corruption hurts everyone of us it hurts our kids and even hurts their own kids because someday they may have to go to a court system themselves where are the FBI to investigate people like this I like country has become this corrupt it's a nightmare it's I wear these people must be on the devil's side and they don't believe in God believe me there is a God I've seen that I've have died through one of my surgeries and I've seen God and all of you all going to pay a price for all your crimes you will not go to heaven you will not live to see the other side that doesn't want you to know we're all if people are evil evil what you do to people over money remember this you can't take it with you when you go to God's Kingdom