This petition will help protect children and the families envolved.

The Michigan Child Protective Services(CPS) do not consider the cutting of a childs eyelashes abuse. The reason being is that eyelashes are hair. It is not against guidelines and handbooks of CPS to have a parent or any other adult cut a childs eyelashes. My son had his eyelashes cut three times. I have medical documentation,CPS reports and police reports that state no doubt his eyelashes were cut. The problem is I do not know by whom. The issue was not addressed as a serious matter. Eyelashes are for protection of the eyeball. A medical doctor stated this action put my childs safty at risk. Yet nothing was ever investigated. Due to the one detail that it is not considered abuse, meaning it is legel for anyone to cut a childs eyelashes. Its as if we had slipped through the cracks. I would like to make sure no other child,mother,father or family has to deal with the unknown in this situation. Even if I never know who did this to my toddler son, I hope the next family does. If by adding a clause in these guidelines by not setting eyelashes as a cuttable hair on the human body is all that needs to be done, why can't it be done? Please help me make sure this type of abuse never happens to another persons child.