Joe Biden Needs Medical Evaluation

Joe Biden has been nothing but a disaster to our country. He has not been in office for a year and America is a disaster. We Americans have a right to know that our head in chief is the one who is using his head to make the horrible descisons he has made. He has allowed illegals to flood our country. He also did not finish the wall that was constructed to protect the people of America. He also reads from a teleprompter horribly as well as never answers the questions in which we want answers. Nothing he has to say ever makes any sense and then when he does agree to answer questions his mic ends up being turned off. So is Joe Biden incompetent in answering questions? I have saw him make remarks stating his butt has been wiped. How is a man who cannot answer the most simple of questions allowed to be Americas commander in chief. The people in America have lost much hope due to his lack of ability to construct a answer to the most simple of questions. Joe Biden needs to be physically,mentally, and emotionally evaluated. (Not by his wife Jill Biden or his private physican either)The American people are not blind and in fact are embaressed by the weakness Joe Biden exhibits. Biden and his entire administration have went against the constitution in which he promised to uphold. I may be just your average American woman but I want to feel safe in our country. Joe Biden has caused the death of 13 us service members as well as abandoning our own American people. You are supposed to work for we the people of America and take actions that protect America. Everything Joe Biden has done is unconstitutional and he obviously is not in the best of health mentally considering the danger he has put America in. I could type a entire book on the fraud and corruption of this administration. If he is evaluated (not by dr.Faucci either) and found incompetent then I suggest that his wife jill biden and the biden administration be charged with elderly abuse.