Jessie Brown VA Shooting Ploted By VA officials to cover up VA Red-Flags, on vets

I, Calvin Ray Cobbs Sr., Disabled Post Era Vietnam Veteran States that:
Department of Veterans Affairs employees extreme negligence for decades has used, P.O. Box 8136 owned by VARO Director, Michael D. Olson stealing Mr. Cobbs Service-Connected Disability and Retro Active back pay, benefits, (Stealing possible $6 Million) et, al. On June 12, 2019 Plaintiff Mr. Cobbs reported this similar story of his VA benefits being stolen by Department of Veterans Affairs VA employees to the U.S. Attorney Office for the following reason: The U.S. attorney's office has uncovered 20 altered claims and 246 fraudulent payments totaling $5.9 million. In quote of a similar story. Government need to confiscate property that have been purchased with Mr. Cobbs VA stolen benefits, including 8816 S. Constance Ave, Chicago, IL 60649 given Exempt Property Tax Free to Cook County, Illinois Clerk of the Circuit Court Dorothy Ann Brown and her husband Benton Cook III.
Former Clerk at Cook County Recorder of Deeds Admits Accepting Cash Bribe in Exchange for Preparing Fraudulent Real Estate Deed, VARO employees and Cook County Clerk of the Circuit Court, Dorothy Ann Brown involved in the Deed Fraud, that includes VARO P.O. Box 8136 owned by VARO Director Michael D. Olson et, al. Chicago Police Report No. JC281228 and FTC Report No.108195841 and Fraudulent Deeds at hand showing proof of VARO employees theft et, al., of Mr. Cobbs Stolen In-Serviced Military Records, In-Service Military Hospital Records and Service-Connected Retroactive back stolen by VARO and VA Employees et, al. All matters being covered up the US Attorney’s Office. Cook County Recorder of Deeds involved.
Congressman Danny K. Davis is an, Defendant in Federal court Case Docket No.: 1:18-cv-00859 concealed, covered up and dismissed by US Attorneys, Northern District and Congressman Danny K. Davis has participated with VA employees since 2007 and Congressman Danny K. Davis representative’s has possible excepted bribes, and pay offs from VARO (328) names are former representive Ben Montgomery and present representive Gerold Moore whom has strong ties with VARO Supervisor Marilyn Haywood and Denise Pierce et, al. Jessie Brown VA Patient Advocates involved in VA Corruption. Congressman Danny K. Davis has ties to VARO Director Michael D. Olson and Congressman Danny K. Davis has Failed to properly represent Mr. Cobbs from physical 2007 to present year 2019.