The People Demand the Impeachment of Joe Biden

Are you paying attention yet? This Afghanistan disaster is a dereliction of duty. We unfortunately have this sitting president, who sat at Camp David for seven days as the country was left to wonder, “Where the hell are all the leaders of this country?”
He said the, “The buck stops with me” on 16 AUG 21, as he placed blame of these disgusting actions on everyone but himself.
- The buck also stops with him for all the deaths he is responsible for, during HIS VACATION;
- The buck stops with him as the Taliban holds 3,000 + U.S. citizens hostage
- The buck stops with him as he reportedly ignored a contingency plan to safely evacuate civilians prior to the military exit, IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT!
- The buck stops with him as he prioritizes the evacuation and relocation of Afghani refugees BEFORE AMERICANS are evacuated (IF they get evacuated at all; this will NOT BE TOLERATED)
- The buck will also stop with him and our ENTIRE GOVERNMENT if you do not take action to remove this tyrant from power, If you do not speak up and collectively file for articles of impeachment, we are going to see more slaughtering, on social media, by the Taliban in the weeks to come.
Get busy folks or you are going to be replaced by millions of angry Americans who will not miss an opportunity to vote you out.

Furthermore, Mr. Biden is breaking the law, undermining his oath to protect the constitution and the citizens of this country.
Americans are, “waking up” by the thousands, in fear of what this man will do to completely destroy our republic, our constitutional rights and the freedom many have died for.

1. Since Mr. Biden publicly announced he would welcome a surge of migrants into the southern border, this is one abhorrent promise he kept. With nearly a million illegals walking into the open border, he is not protecting our borders from a surge unvaccinated, unmasked or untested illegals immigrants. We all know there are foreign terrorists entering the the open border, criminals and massive amounts of drugs. He has broken the law, he has gone completely out of control and will not address nor assist the United States citizens or law enforcement from this daily invasion.

2. The rent moratorium, due to the Covid lockdowns in 2020, was scheduled to end on 31 JUL 2021.
Mr. Biden admittedly said, he knew how the Supreme Court ruled (in May of 2021) but he would extend the deadline, “to buy some time”. He knowingly undermined and defied a Supreme Court ruling, he and the CDC do not have the power to, “Make up laws”. The Supreme Court will not be in session until OCT 2020 and Mr. Biden, again, broke the law, with the likely pretense, he will, “Let the law catch up to him”. He does not have the authority to interfere with the business between landlords and tenants.

He must be impeached immediately before we lose everything we love and worked for in this great country.

We implore the House of Representatives to please, DO SOMETHING! Listen to your constituents! You were elected to represent the people, you took an oath, it’s time to make Mr. Biden accountable for NOT upholding his oath.

Thank you in advance for your swift action!