It is time to bring our troops home

We have lost enough lives in the Middle East, it is time for our troops to come home.

Too much money and lives have been waisted in the Middle East. America should be more focused on America. We are loosing fathers, sons, mothers, and daughters and are seeing no change, it is time to stop this. As an American citizen, I feel our government should be putting the money into restoring America and not fighting a war that will never end. We are no closer to finding Bin Ladin or ending terorrism than when we first began to deploy our troops. And now after almost 10 years (2001) and thousands of lost lives and broken families we are continuing to spend billions of dollars to support Obama's Overseas Contingency Operation (war on terrorism) and it is time to STOP this waist. Our government should be spending that money to save our country and create jobs. We want this waist of lives and money to STOP now, bring our troops home and put our resources back into OUR country before it is too late.