It is High Time for a Black Woman on the High Court!

The Pew Research Center reports that Black women had the highest voter turnout rate. 68.8 percent for President Obama--a first. Now, we believe that it is time for another first: A Black Woman on the Supreme Court.

Never has there been a wider pool?and never will the time be riper?for the appointment of a progressive Black woman to the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS). Particularly since the Pew Research Center reports that ?overall, among all racial, ethnic and gender groups, [B]lack women had the highest voter turnout rate in November's [2008] election [68.8 percent]--a first." As Vice President Joe Biden would say, ?this is a big effing deal!? As such, this should yield real, bankable?and measurable? capital for a loyal and stalwart constituency.

And not just any Black woman will do. America needs an associate justice with the same philosophical leanings as Justice John Paul Stevens?or better still, the late, great Justice Thurgood Marshall, who was never really replaced. Please support our efforts to make this historic nomination and confirmation a reality. As candidate Obama said, we must seize "the fierce urgency of now"! Thank you in advance for your assistance in this matter of paramount importance.

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Respectfully submitted,