IRS Covid Relief for Health Care Employees

The IRS is ignoring and not helping our most Vital workers in the USA, during the Entire Covid Pandemic. You bring a College tuition support Bill up, but ignore any financial support for the MOST IMPORTANT people on the Planet, during this entire Pandemic, and in fact Unconstitutionally Fired some of these very people instead, illegally. Petition- Every IRS Outstanding Bill by any Health Care worker, who has worked the entire Pandemic, before, during, current, and with Zero support from the Government, should have their IRS Outstanding Debts and Payments Removed. A Petition across the USA will start following this Call-to-Action, if this is Not immediately brought to the Floor and Supported. Truth of Abused Nurses in USA, will no longer be a Allowed by the People who Pay your Salaries. Bills to help other Countries, But Never any to Help our Vital, Most Important People Ever. Wait until you Need a Good Nurse, and there is Zero left on Earth still working.