Investigate and shut down the au pair program

The au pair program is a program that facilitates "cultural exchange" of foreigners into the United States and does nothing to support the hard-working American mid class.
The au pairs live with the host family, performs limited childcare obligations with lots of strings attached. Host families provide free board, meals, cell phone service, car usage, car insurance, weekly stipend, and tuition assistance. Au pairs has no set terms or contracts with the family. Au pair can choose to leave any moment and can engage in unlimited number of rematches to find other host families. Many au pairs abuse this program and use it as a tool to tour thru major US cities. Au pair agencies encourage and facilitate unlimited rematch. Au pair can leave the family any moment when the family is in dear needs of childcare in order to work. Au pair agencies change rules without informing the host families. During time of conflict, au pair agencies are entire on au pair's side and do not care about the host families.
We petition congress to investigate and potential shut down the au pair program. The program takes jobs away from Americans, and does nothing to help hard-working American families.

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