Investigate the Menstrual-Products Industry\'s Infusion of the \"Probable Carcinogen\" Glyphosate into Tampons, etc.!

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Harry Finley's blog,

mum-dot-org, traces for us

the menstrual meme;

and it presents a platform

for launching this petition

-- Larry W. Bryant (9 Nov 15)

BACKGROUND: Mindful that reform of an institution rarely occurs from

within (if ever), we, the undersigned, call upon the U. S. Congress to

(1) review the news that certain Argentine medical researchers have

discovered the public health threat posed by various menstrual

products contaminated by the "probable carcinogen" known as Glyphosate

(the main ingredient of the Monsanto-developed weed killer Roundup --

see the article posted at );

and (2) commission the pertinent federal agencies to investigate,

analyze, and report upon the extent to which this contamination has

become unacceptable and merits federal remedial action and regulation.

TEXT OF THE PETITION: We, the petitioners, hereby petition all

members of Congress to apply their oversight powers in addressing this

issue. NOTE: To help bring the power of whistleblowership to bear upon this

issue, I've created the following alert ad at the site linked here: