Conduct Joint Senatorial & Congressional Investigation of Human Rights and Civil Rights Abuses by Intelligence Agencies

Severe forms of harassment, retaliation and surveillance is being carried out against the public. These are Zersetzen; "orwellian" operations which are designed to cause severe and prolonged suffering without leaving marks.

These civil rights and civil liberties violations are not new. In fact; the investigation of the Church Committee Hearings (1975) on the abuse of Intelligence Agencies (CIA, FBI); reveled egregious human rights, civil liberties abuses. Congress promised that these actions would never happen to the American public again.

But in 1994 former President Bill Clinton and former Senator Joe Biden passed to expand actions in the Violent Crime Control & Law Enforcement Act (VCCLEA).

Currently, the COPS Program(VCCLEA), Cointelpro, Red Squad and similar clandestine operations are being used as extra judicial punishment against the unwitting public.

These actions are criminal and violate the First, Fourth, Fifth (Due Process), Fourteenth (Equal Protection) Amendments of the U.S. Constitution.

Please call for and conduct a joint senatorial and congressional investigation of human rights and civil rights abuses on American soil by law enforcement and intelligence agencies.

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