ACLU is protecting terrorit rights as if they we US citizens. THEY MUST BE STOPPED!!!!

The ACLU has launched an initiative called the ?John Adams Project.??What is it? In a nutshell, the ACLU has assembled a ?Dream Team? of attorneys with an $8.5 million budget to defend terrorists currently held at Guantanamo. Who?s the primary object of the ACLU?s affection? Khalid Sheik Mohammed.

The ACLU, true to form, impugns the professionalism and competence of men and women of infinitely more honor than their accusers by referring to tribunals as ?kangaroo courts.? But could the ACLU really be so scandalized that this mass murderer will stand before a military tribunal? Could the ACLU truly be standing up for his ?fundamental rights??

What is the true purpose of a multi-million-dollar campaign to get KSM off the hook?

The ACLU explains: ?The ACLU chose to focus on Mohammed?s defense, Romero said, because he appears to be ?the government?s top priority in the prosecution. And whether or not they are able to convict Khalid Sheik Mohammed under these rules may well determine the fate of the almost 300 other men who are detained at Guantanamo.?

So that?s it. The ACLU wants to set KSM and 300 other terrorists free or at least make it impossible for the tribunals to serve their function. Because KSM is the worst of the worst, because he is the terrorist in custody most responsible for 9/11, the ACLU is his champion.

This PR stunt can only serve to undermine American credibility by creating the illusion ? sure to be propagated by the mass media ? that mass killers are somehow being denied ?justice.? Think our enemies don?t appreciate the ACLU?s efforts on their behalf ? on both legal and the PR fronts? Clearly, this will leave America more vulnerable to attack.