International Muslim Brotherhood a Terrorist Organization

International Muslim Brotherhood as a Terrorist Organization
Freedom-loving people of Sudan are urging the leader of the free world to designate the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD ORGANIZATION as a TERRORIST GROUP. This organization had hijacked our country in JUNE 1989 and ever since that time had been involved in detaining freedom-loving people of Sudan in what was called Ghost Houses. Their Militias had performed all kinds of torture some of those detained died as a result of the severe and unbearable torture. 30 years later the peaceful freedom-loving people of Sudan took to the streets of almost all of Sudan Towns trying to put an end to the ruthless dictatorship of Gen. Al Bashir the leader of the Military Coup in June 1989 that brought the Muslims Brotherhood to power. The peaceful demonstrators were met by Rapid Support Forces AKA Janjaweed and many of the Muslims Brotherhood underground Militias. The peaceful Demonstrators paid a very high price in their quest for a new Sudan the is governed by Institutes that will cement democracy and justice.
On October 25 2021 that quest was met yet by another Military Coup that was carried out by the evil forces of Janjaweed and the Islamic Front AKA Muslim Brotherhood of Sudan and history repeated itself. The killing and torture of detained peaceful demonstrators in addition to the intruding people home to beat up people and destroy and steal people properties.
The people of Sudan are welcoming any kind of support at this time and looking forward to seeing the USA taking charge in leading the free world efforts to restore the transition Government and to end the interference of regional countries ( Egypt, UAE, Saudi Arabia, China, Russia) in Sudan political situation.