Integrity Act - Employment By Tanisha M Rogers,MA

Requesting a non - discriminatory statue be applied to the interviewing process to achieve aceturate hire process in candidate selection to avoid abuse of mangers not resecting the candidates time or performance during the hiring process. If a candidate has shown samples of work has adequate references the interviewer should not be allowed to say they went in another direction etc. If the interview is not familiar and the candidate is fuild in the skill more, the interview is not allowed to exclude candidates work or skills to hire someone performing less in interviews proving skill set . Also a non- disclosure should be applied to assure the interviewer cannot use the candidates present ideas. Also if the person has exceeded the sales quota, skills on job description they cannot discriminate against the job candidate.

For business owners/ inventors from idea to full paper work because the process is with Artificial intelligence the interviewer shall not discriminate, because the candidate has invented or created a business the interviewer in not allowed to pass up for hire if the candidate has out performed them in the past internally/ eternally. Asking for the laws to be updated due to the integrity of the business and to assure they achieved the best candidate selection of excellency and no less. Also to protect the earnest work of the candidate for hire. They can be in the legal process proving pending patent trademark and should not have Artificial intelligence interfere with the process with employers/ or legal processing etc.

If the candidate has presented on zoom it should be viewed by a non- discriminatory leader in HR before the hire that screens after interviewing to assure the candidates are not overlooked for the wrong reasons. This may require a new role HR to assure validity of hire. This also serves to gauge and create the enforcement of valid hiring ,and diversity inclusion during the process. Holding the company accountable to not overlook, pass, or destroy the employment applicant tracking algorithm interfering with the candidate being righteously selected in various data bases.

Requesting the FTC and department of labor give a full list of labor to avoid employment identification theft. To require immediate team from legal / HR to assure no labor laws have been broken, and to keep eeoc investigations accurate with a more proactive approach. Also for AI to gauge if a spy ware has been applied illegally and to prevent employment data cloning abuse. Also to assure the candidate was not used as a test in software developments without permission granted by the candidate.

Requesting the candidate for hire is not hacked by audiologist, podcasters, radio interference / marketing AI while performing interviews for hire and other task without permission because the AI interference could harm the process for hire if not in the hands of a wise servant. Asking for people working in AI to have a polygraph, additional testing to avoid theft and misuse. Also if an EEOC has made an error regarding someone portfolio they must update and repair 100 % of performance and missed salaries , correcting the staffer which has dishonored or errored the task. Asking FBI/CIA cloning of data be reviewed by Legal HR team and they must avoid theft from inventors, job owners.

Requesting immediate / emergency hire statues be applied ASAP for homeless, lay -offs, victims of employment identity theft, immigration etc to avoid algorithm abuse. Also to assure the person major health care etc . Also a list of accurate resources to prevent death and national underemployment attrition.

Also asking electronic medical records to be respect of the candidate.

Per legal HR I was informed to encourage the staff not ask employers to execute moving forward not making job candidates ever be displace or under employed. Example Account Executive should be hired in roles Account executive or hire because of education and experience should not be forced to take lower roles/ pay . This leads to under employment and attrition etc.