I have a receivership certificate. I was given 50% of my money upfront and was told the FDIC was looking for a buyer and we the depositors were first in line to be paid back from assets sold. Now 8 months later the FDIC has made a deal with our money at stake and say there is nothing for us depositors in this transaction. What kind of a deal did they make?

We deposited our hard earned money in an institution we thought was safe. We were assured by Indy Mac manager Jorge Leal (Tustin, CA) that our money as fully insured. We were lied to. We are not asking for any bail out money. We just want our money back.

The role of the Office of Thrift Supervision, as the name states, is to supervise the banks, not to conspire with them. How timely for Darrel Dochow to be removed, Director Reich to resign. Bet you their retirements are in tack and have suffered no consequence for their participation in this deception.

I am asking you to give us our money back. The new owners of Indymac Bank now "One West Bank, FSB" stands to reap billions in tax payer bank bailout funds as well as recovery and reinvestment act funds. Indymac Bank depositors are also tax payers funding the banks that have failed us depositors. I think the Federal Government should buy back the assets left and pay us back.

There are 10,000 of us and it would take approximately $250 million to pay us back! Have a heart and restore faith in the American people. FDIC will continue to collect premiums and their pot will grow. Our pot has dried up thanks to Indy Mac.

Don't discard us. We are human beings with a right and that right is to get our hard earned money back.