Increase Funding for Affordable Housing

We currently lead some of the poorest countries in the world with homeless children and families.

Currently we have some of the greatest resources on the planet. Manpower, Imagination, Economics, and Materials. At the same time we also lead the world in having the greatest housing shortages. There are countries in this world far poorer then us where it is far easier to obtain affordable and secure housing. We should be ashamed of ourselves. Currently we have two such programs to resolve these problems. The problem is Congress is slow and lazy in funding Hud and the local Housing Authorities that handle them. So millions of children each year go homeless. Which leads to more illness, more illiteracy, more desperation, and more crime. In this nation of all nations this should be the least acceptable outcome. We must fund affordable housing and make sure all our families have affordable and secure accomodations. Vote to fund Section 8 nationally and open up your hearts to suffering American families.

Congress now more then ever needs to:

A) Increase funding to HUD and Local Housing Authorities immediately.

B) Fund Section 8 nationally and open it up to all American citizens for at least one year.

C) Work with realtors and other realty related professions to bring reality back to the housing market. It's not just the borrowers faults. Lenders, Realtors, and Sellers have become significantly more greedy over time. Using inflation as an excuse. This once unheard of market must be regulated down to municipal overtaxing.