Include Behavior Analysts in Health Care Legislation

Let Congress know that Behavior Analysts have a valuable role in health care service delivery

Given the success of behavior modification (often called behavior analysis) in the last century, many states are beginning to professionally license behavior modifiers. The professional licenses in some states like Arizona and Nevada are for Behavior Analysts and in other states, like Pennsylvania, are for Behavior Specialists. However, these newly developing licensed Master's and Doctoral-level mental health professionals are ignored in the most recent health care bills. We seek reimbursement for services similar to Marriage and Family Therapists and Licensed Professional Counselors and we seek grant funding and career encouragement funding as listed in the bill including funds for tuition remission and reimbursement.


Behavior analysis has had considerable success as noted in numerous studies in the treatment of children with behavioral health problems such as Attention Deficit Disorder, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, and childhood autism. In addition, behavior analysis has proven effectiveness with adults disorders ranging from anxiety and depression to schizophrenia and addictions. Finally, behavior analysis has had unprecedented success with children and adults with developmental disabilities. It has achieved this success in a variety of settings ranging across training parents in outpatient clinics, to acting in a consultative capacity with teachers at school, with group home staff, with staff in skilled nursing facilities, and in therapy directly to the client in outpatient clinics.


To include behavior analysis and behavior analysts in the health care bill, similar to Marriage and Family Therapists and Licensed Professional Counselors, will increase public access to health care services; in addition, the commitment of these Master's level professionals to providing evidenced-based services will benefit the public and lower health care costs over the long run. The signers of this petition agree with this, and we ask for your support of this inclusion in health care legislation.