In response to the issue of \'Dead Peasant\' insurance plans

A petition to regulate a company from taking a whole life insurance policy on any given employee, the act is wrongful and immoral in that a company is indefinite in longevity and can exploit the insurance plan in order to garner a sum upon an employe

To the legislators of The United States of America and it's Executive Leader. In our fine country a grave immoral act is be carried out year after year by the corporations and businesses that are supposed to be the supports of our nation. It is illegal for man to take out an fire insurance policy on his house and then burn it down, it is illegal for a person to take out a life insurance policy on another person without their knowing consent and signature, so why is it that companies can? Companies make a sizeable revenue from collecting the benefits from these tax-free, under-the-rug policies and that shouldn't be so. How is it that a body who has an indefinite longevity can garner benefits from people who have a finite lifespan without their knowledge or their consent. I propose that regulation be set in place to keep companies from garnering these benefits without taxation and without the knowledge and consent of their employees.