Implement large-scale delivery of COVID 19 vaccine to all Orlando X-ray centers

According to official statistics from 2020/21 alone, the workload at X-ray centers has increased at least fourfold. This is primarily due to the unfavorable situation with the spread of coronavirus infection. Our center wants to petition for an immediate vaccine for all x-ray center workers in Orlando. Doctors and nurses have been at the forefront of taking the brunt of the coronavirus infection.
Most people who underwent X-rays were not aware that they were sick with COVID 19. Only after time, after undergoing a test and a CT scan, was it determined that the person had all the signs of being infected with the new coronavirus infection. Doctors and nurses at the X-ray centers continued to provide medical treatment to citizens. After a while, the doctors and nurses themselves were infected with the coronavirus infection.
Since the situation with the spread of coronavirus infection is still tense, we demand support for the petition to send the necessary batch of vaccine to the doctors and staff of the X-ray centers. These people should be on the front lines of the fight against infection for weeks and even months to come, and the best protection and support for them would be to be vaccinated with reliable and proven medicines in the United States.
Currently, protecting the health and lives of those fighting the insidious disease comes first in the national fight against COVID 19. We believe that X-ray centers and specialists at such facilities are worthy of protection and praise. The best reward for them would be vaccination, which would put a damper on the spread of the disease among the employees of said medical facilities in Orlando.
Many doctors and nurses are still susceptible to the disease, and often this insidious disease is transmitted to their relatives and friends, with professionals returning home at the end of their shifts and putting their family and friends at risk of infection. We believe that it is technically possible to vaccinate X-ray center physicians as a matter of priority and ask for support of our petition. By vaccinating X-ray center physicians in Orlando, we will be able to get our body examination results without delay.