Impeach U.S. District Court Judge Susan Y. Illston and prosecute former judge Alex Kozinski

Ninth Circuit judges conceal a Fraud on the Court. Impeachment is warranted - for committing an "Official Act" consistent with "Bribery" and perpetrating a "Fraud on the Court" in conspiracy with the State and its agents affecting the plaintiff's pending 42 U.S.C. sec. 1983 case, Ninth Cir. No. 95-17267 - USDC No. 3:95-cv-01613-SI. Verifiable Factual Evidence on record shows: a judicial "Usurpation of Power" on a Petition for a Writ of Habeas Corpus case, Ninth Cir. No. 12-15938 - USDC No. 3:95-cv-01248-SI. The record shows: on Aug. 2, 1996, Nov. 19, 1996 and on May 14, 1997 judge Illston knowingly acted with deliberate indifference when she issued three "false statements" on her Orders that intentionally distorts the "Truth" and willfully "misrepresents a material fact" on a "Key" and crucial document dated Dec. 2, 1991. The document is a complaint seeking a warrant that was never signed or issued to establish "probable cause" of a public offense. Facts of the State's case - On June 16, 1991 two "Notice to Appear" traffic citations were issued by the CHP for an alleged DUI. On Oct. 3, 1991 the DMV issued an "Order of Set Aside." On May 7, 1993 Mr. Rodriguez was convicted. [N]o criminal charges were ever filed by the State to invoke the jurisdiction of the courts. The State side-stepped the judicial process. An Investigation will reveal: Ninth Circuit judges knowingly violated Article III sec. 2 of the U.S. Constitution "Cases" and "Controversies" requirement and became willful participants in joint activity with the State and its agents to conceal a "fraud on the court" in the habeas case. Fact - Federal judges side-stepped the judicial process and forfeited the protection of the law. Record shows: on Nov. 24, 2014 former Ninth Circuit Chief judge Alex Kozinski knowingly issued two false statements and concealed all the evidence presented that proves a "fraud on the court" when a Complaint of Judicial Misconduct was filed against judge Illston. See: Ninth Cir. Complaint No. 13-90201. On Sep. 29, 2015 Ninth Circuit Chief judge Sidney R. Thomas Affirmed the Dismissal of the Complaint issued by judge Kozinski. Judge Thomas and [e]ach of nine Judicial Council members were informed of the concealment of evidence and of the two "false statements" issued by judge Kozinski, they were also presented with the document dated Dec. 2, 1991 that shows: judge Illston's "misrepresentation of a material fact" amounting to a fraud on the court. Fact - Intentional action was taken by judge Illston to prevent further "Review" of the fraud she committed. Fact -Mr. Rodriguez has been denied "Judicial Review" and denied "Due Process of Law" for the last 26 years in this ongoing conspiracy to conceal a State "fraud on the court" where California citizens were intentionally deceived to find an innocent person guilty in a malicious prosecution where tax payers money was used to perpetrate a fraud on the court. Court fees and fines were collected under false pretenses in this "fraudulent scheme of pubic corruption" amounting to Racketeering. The F.B.I. should investigate and prosecute and Congress should Impeach. Mr. Rodriguez is seeking justice for "Deprivation of Rights under Color of Law." Thank you and God bless America,

Alvaro C. Rodriguez - Retired Bus Driver with AC Transit 32 years of public service.