Immigration Enforcement

Deport them!

I'm beginning to hear more and more oneric chatter from certian elected officials about an amnesty program for illegal aliens that are in this country illegally. The idea of granting these illegal aliens amnesty and letting them pursue a course to citizenship is outrageous! Why don't we just invite the Taliban and alQuaida to come also?

There are many educated law abiding individuals who have repeatedly tried to come to this country legally and each time are denied for unknown reasons or reasons of

exceeding quotats which to me is absolutely preposterous.

The fact that these illegal aliens broke the law and came here illegally deserves a strong response. They need to be rounded up, deported and then go through the legal

process that has been in existance and apply just like all law abiding individuals who completed the process the legal way.

We should not be concerned with the the matter of splitting up families or any thing

other than that they came here illegally. They created their problems by not adhearing to the the legal process. Many have worked here illegally, paid no taxes, got free health care in our hospital emergency rooms, took jobs from Americans, got free educations and who knows what else.

Enforce the laws as they exist. Deport them and make them wait for 1 to 3 years before being able to apply for having broken the law. I read daily where hundreds more are still penetrating our borders and gaining entry to this country on a daily basis.

It's time our politicians get a backbone and do something about this problem. In my opinion the only solution and best solution is to put more manpower enforcement on the streets and even offer a bounty to any citizen who reports anyone that is in fact

undocumented, find them and ship them home immediately.

It may even be possible to strike a deal with US Airline Carriers where they are give them preferred status and transport them home free of charge in exchange for a tax credit based upon their annual free flight passes to transport them back home.

The more ideas I hear comming out of Washington these days makes me

think not only do we have a broken goverment but a very sick one.

These illegal aliens broke the law, and they laugh at us because we are the only country in the world that tolerates it. And then they have the nerve to come here and tell naturalized Americans how wonderful "their country is". If "their country" is so wonderful, why are so many of them breaking every law on the book to come here.

Granting them amnesty will just empower them to siphon more money from the US Economy to send "home" so they can smuggle their relatives and friends here and as

soon as they are eligible for retirement our crazy system rewards them by sending

them their Social Security Entitlement to them back in "their country".

How prepostorous all of this is! Ship them home and make America a respectable country again!