Dear President Trump, U.S. Senators, U.S. Congressmen, and all government leaders below you at all Federal, State, City, County, Town, Village levels;

President Trump, Please IMMEDIATELY PROTECT & SECURE AMERICA FROM AN Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP) BOMB. We understand you have taken steps concerning this extremely important matter as seen here:

However, we are very concerned with the finalization of this most important and critical corrective action required to safeguard America from total disaster should an EMP attack occur. As we all know, America's electric grid and related resources needs to be able to withstand such an attack and quickly be restored within every state of the union. A failure of this would be catastrophic and irreversible should America be unprepared. America would be easily overtaken by any enemy country as well as be rendered helpless and unable to survive. Please also encourage our Allies to do the same!

President Trump, please make it an absolute priority to ensure your request in previous years as indicated in the report above stated, was in fact completed, with no discrepancies at all, and America's electric grid has indeed been completely protected from an EMP attack? There should without question be a back up for a back up and some. This should be one of the most important actions You and the U.S. Government takes and absolutely completes. PLEASE make sure the entire United States is secured with respect to this matter and others not mentioned.

We thank you for hearing the heart & soul of American citizens and look forward to these steps mentioned above and many others not mentioned being implemented immediately to avoid further disaster and destruction of America and its Allies!

The American People

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