Illegal harrassment and spying with physical abuse.

I'm in great danger! I'm at all time a law biding citizen who is illegally harrased by the corrupt police. With I'm being harressed and assaulted at work and when I report these things I'm being fired. All this is done without due process to do so and violates all my civil and human rights. I'm having hate crimes perform against me and my soon to be wife. I'm blocked from greiving about these things which I have an right to petition the government. These actions are all time done by the fbi and they paid worker I have been humiliated several occasions. I'm a victim of illegal catapool and Gangstalking with the us courts deemed illegal. I contact doj several times and they refused to put and end to it nor investigate it. I can be contacted at 5157239308 my name is isma'il Gross or via email my address is 233 e Granger Avenue, Des Moines Iowa 50315.