Fight CPS Corruption and Investigate CPS Return our Children From Child Trafficking CPS

Millions of children are ripped apart from families due to the corrupt nature of the " For Profit Child Protective Services Organization ". The false allegations of CPS, the falsified court documents, lies and the illegal intimidation practices have not just torn families apart, but it has many parents in a sense living a life sentence without their children. This is because the Government has monetized and created a bonus payouts to the CPS for every child they remove. CPS continues to violate parents parental rights, our civil and our even our constitutional rights, because they get paid for every child. Children are more prone to violence, being raped, tortured and even killed within the CPS system. Parents are afraid to to stand up to CPS. CPS targets the middle and especially the lower class families that they know can not afford an attorney to help them, and court appointed attorneys represent the courts not the defendant. It is time we as americans make a change to save our children from being trafficked by and through the CPS system.