If no daylight savings, revert to STANDARD time, not daylight savings time.

We understand some are frustrated by shifting the clock twice a year and we are not arguing for or against stopping the practice. However, the bill recently passed by the Senate would permanently set the clocks to what is now known as daylight savings time. If the practice is stopped we demand that the clocks be set not to the one hour shift that is currently referred to as daylight savings time, or summer hours, but rather to standard time or what are known as winter hours.

The sun has a cycle that has a symmetry. It goes up until it reaches its zenith at local noon and then it goes down and in opposition reaches local midnight. The clock also has a symmetry to reflect the sun’s cycle, breaking at the inflection points of midday which we call noon and the aptly named midnight. It is not possible to make time zones where everyone experiences noon at true local noon, but to the degree possible the time zones are created so everyone experiences noon somewhere close to local noon.

There is no logical reason to permanently misalign the symmetry of the clock with the cycle of the sun. Starting and ending times of human activity are arbitrary and can be timed exactly the same in either system.

However, those of us who use the sun cycle for telling time, whether just by looking or using the tens of thousands of sundials installed around the country, whether just for convenience or for celestial navigation, will be forever relegated to shifting our results by one hour from the natural and apparent sun symmetry for no conceivable good reason.

The sun has an undeniable and unchangeable symmetry: a maximum, a midday, noon, and a middle of the night. The clock also has a symmetry to match. To all the scientists, engineers, and students of logic misaligning the symmetry of the clock from the cycle of the sun is painful, and even intolerable stupidity. Please do not do this abominably stupid thing.