identity theft grand larceny in tax evasion and embezzlement cruelty harassment

Timothy Coyle pujol Alexandra and Robert M brush in paralegals Erin Castro and Cindy p forgery and tampering uttering public records and cruelty in harassment attached is 52 Pages State's Attorney's records on domestic violence restraining orders protection and property for lease in 15 days over 50,000 lawsuits liability claims life insurance policies alimony businesses and property sa forged is my attorney they are not my attorney they are not my attorney forged instrument white collar crime June 4th 2019 FTC and IRS Federal in jail February 8th 2018 AS they FORGERY AS MY ATTORNEYS identity theft grand larceny and tax evasion embezzlement and cruelty harrassment they destroy people's family white collar crime June 4th 2019 Cindy Sullivan's records in the 10th Circuit Court Polk County Florida FTC and IRS Federal databases identity theft grand larceny tax Invasion cruelty and embezzlement on forgery and tampering with evidence withholding evidence November 13th 2017 IRS FEDERAL = March 11th 2013 due February 8th 2018 in the 10th Circuit Court Polk COUNTY destroying people's families!!!
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