I only speak english

I look after my 86 year old uncle who speaks Spanish and English. I have him on long term care a company is hired through Medicare. It’s awful when the person hired can’t understand me what she might of missed cleaning. They are hired to wash my Uncle, only give him a sandwich no cooking of a hot meal and light house keeping . Sweeping, mopping and dusting furniture and you would think keeping bathroom clean or wipe inside refrigerator if it’s a mess. I filed complaints for the person leaving early, not cleaning the tub and on her phone and stove top is discussing Medicare pays for this services there has to be a way to Monitor better as this is a normal problem. They want their money for services,but don’t really do much if they don’t have to. And she don’t understand a word I say because I’m English speaking Says no English and I’m not about to get things right for my Uncles care. Companies who do this have told me they only have Spanish speaking employees no English speaking or bilingual so I feel I’ve been discriminated against for me only speaking English. Please look into what can be done to help us only speaking people.
I’m also his P.A. He has start of dementia and is 86 years old he don’t need to get sick because of a dirty tub or roaches because stove is nasty.
Thank You.
Kathy Miranda