I have less rights than a clump of cells.

My name is Ana Moroyoqui and I am only twelve years old. You are all fully grown adults who have fully developed brains yet for some reason I can tell the difference between right and wrong and you cant. I don't have to be fully grown to know that telling other people what to do with their bodies is wrong, or that forcing ANYONE to bear children is against their human rights. If you don’t like abortion then don’t get one which I doubt you can even do because the majority of you are white men, but don’t tell other people what to do with their bodies.Why is it that the punishment for abortions is higher than the punishment for rape? Do you think the children that were born to mothers who don’t love them will grow up in a loving and nurturing environment? You really think they’ll grow to be good citizens? On the contrary they will be born into a rather scary place where their lives could end on a normal school day because some white men allow 18 year olds to bear firearm. Its scary how you’d rather see two grown men holding guns in front or children than holding hands. If you care this much about a clump of cells why don’t you care about them after they’re born? Why don’t you care if the children are getting shot up or if they’re living in a paycheck to paycheck family because our government is slowly turning into an oligarchy? Why don’t you care about overpopulation and the fact we will be running out of resources soon. You are all quite literally planning our extinction yet you’d rather add onto our overpopulation problem because the aborted fetus might have a chance to have pale skin. (Im referring to the book birth dearth by Ben J Wattenberg )You say you want to protect the children but here you are stripping away the children’s rights. If I get raped by a sick old man, I will not be having his child. This is MY body, not yours. This is MY life, not yours. This is MY uterus, not the governments. I will not risk my life for a child I do not want to give birth to. All you’re doing is taking away safe abortions. We’ll go back to coat hangers if we have to, but you do not get to decide what is best for us. You just want white children to be born but you don’t care about their future at all, if you did you would be prioritizing other stuff instead of taking away over 50% of the U.S population’s rights. Words cannot explain how I am feeling right now, as one of the children you “care about”, I do not feel protected, acknowledged or heard. Its sad how my school teaches me to speak up and stand up for myself, but I have to stand up against the people who are supposed to be protecting me. Once you have been a teenager who got raped and became pregnant, or a woman who lives paycheck to paycheck and cannot afford a child, that’s when you might have a small idea of what you’re putting your people through. But once you have “grown a pair” of vaginas, thats when you have a say on what happens to them.