Human Services loan Forgiveness

Human Services gives back to people and do not get paid what they should at the very least like teachers since we are faciliting recovery and giving guidance our student loans should be forgiven too.

Like teachers, human services professionals are giving back to the community and helping the people of our country with mental illness or other issues they may be having. We offer guidance and facilitate recovery and yet make less money than teachers do. In addition, many of the places that we work are 24 hours ( and we don't get normal holidays off). People have symptoms and act out against the staff, and we who work in human services still are in the field because we think it is worth helping people. I believe that people who went to college for human services, social services, social work, or any other type of psychology degrees should also receive loan forgiveness. Indeed, for many of us, with what we make we will not be able to pay back our loans. Finally, since we are not paid enough considering what we do, this is a way the government can give back to these important contributors to well-being in society.