HR 5376 Inflation Reduction Act

The Build Back Better Act (BBBA) H.R. 5376 is an oxymoron since it does not build anything but instead worsens the American work ethic and undermines our nation’s financial future. The cost of this bill is about $1 trillion and WILL not reduce inflation and WILL add to the deficit. The latest-ed version of this piece garbage has included pork, such as Obamacare and adding 87,000 additional IRS agents and additional regulation (EPA) costs on on oil and gas drilling and production.

The basic purpose of the bill is to (Green New Deal) kill the oil industry forcing people to buy electric cars. It raising taxes on everyone and they going after everyone that are suspected of of not paying their fair share of taxes. That means they are going to investigate everyone.

Once again, this is another bill that has no backing of the American taxpayer, because they don't won't to ask their constituents, because most would say Hell NO to this piece of crap. This is a typical selfish agenda by most corrupted Democratic congress persons to enrich themselves and their friends. They constantly violate their oath of office and nothing happens. Why????

Suffice to say, America will be far Better off without the Build Back Better Act. Despite the myriad of new taxes, this bill will increase the deficit and make the lives of many Americans miserable as they try to comply with new complex tax laws.

A more appropriate title would be “The Debt and Deficit Act to Expand the Welfare State and Punish Producers.” Funds will be wired to able bodied Americans to further discourage work and add to the reasons for shortages and high prices of virtually every product and service.

Biden claims this spending costs nothing, which is outright chicanery. It does cost small businesses, which already pay rates up to 45 percent in state and local taxes. Jobs, technologies, and growth are sacrificed when the federal government siphons money from business.

Biden proposes to tax producers, treating it like free money to buy votes and political favors. Biden, Pelosi, and Schumer are scoundrels of the first order.

The Federal Government employs millions of unionized individuals, with the majority working from home. American workers and small businesses must be on the job doing real work. Now our political class effectively characterizes these workers doing the dirty jobs as villains who don’t pay their taxes.

All citizens will suffer with the billions of new dollars provided to the IRS to hire agents to review the taxes of every American and track your bank transactions, small as they be. In most cases these audits will be a colossal waste of time that in fact harassment. Most Americans pay their taxes and those who don’t are often caught in routine audits. If taxes were simplified and transnational, as are sales taxes, only a small IRS would be needed.

President Biden and Congress are spending trillions of dollars to create a welfare state and huge dependence on the Federal Government — these funds will be borrowed by the U.S. Treasury. Federal spending in FY 2022 will exceed $7 trillion, with revenue of $4 trillion.

This means we have an unthinkable three trillion–dollar deficit. Biden continues to request trillion-dollar spending bills. Regardless of White House rhetoric, this money is borrowed.

In ten short months, President Biden has created serious inflation exceeding 5 percent. Far worse is the Producer Price Index, now at 8.6 percent. This means every citizen pays high gas prices and food prices. Housing and used cars have increased 20 percent and are in short supply.

Biden suspended the Keystone pipeline, drilling on federal lands, and is doing everything possible to end exploration and delivery of oil and gasoline. Predictably, as prices rise, Biden blames the energy industry for profiteering and commences an FTC investigation.

Biden has demonstrated a high propensity to tax, regulate, and restrict freedom. If Biden can force you to get vaccinated multiple times and carry a passport, your freedoms are in peril.

If you think inflation is transitory, wait until BBBA H.B. 5376 passes. You will witness the Biden high prices and shortages not seen since the 1930s. If the stock market crashes from Biden’s reckless spending, the entire economy will be in recession.

America achieves excellence with the freedom to create, work, grow, and contribute to the common good, not with central planning.

We have survived many incompetent presidents. Joe Biden is creating severe hardships for all citizens, and he may go down as one of the most incompetent scoundrels and tyrannical presidents in our history.

Every American must push back with loud voices to your elected representative to stop the Senate from passing H.B. 5376.