HR 3200 Religious Exemption

Please remove this unconstitutional and unethical exemption which leads to child death

We, the undersigned, make a request that the members of the US House of Representatives remove language from H.R. 3200 which currently exempts parents and legal guardians from providing medical insurance for their children if done for religious purposes.

While fully respecting every citizen's Constitutional right to the freedom of religious expression, the health and lives of minor children should not be weighed in the balance. If language requiring parents and/or legal guardians to obtain health insurance is designed to increase the well-being of American children, then all American children should be included.

We further believe that to create such an exemption, based on the grounds of religion, would not be in accordance with the First Ammendment of the Constitution, as Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion. Our country governs with the understanding that one set of laws and rules apply to all citizens equally.

Please place the secular human rights of our American children above the religious prohibitions on medical care that their adult parents may choose to exercise for themselves.