Honor our Military Service Personnel

We hear so much dialogue, from both sides of the political divide about supporting our Military service people. Well in my opinion, time to place our mouths and money into action. We have trusted and continue to trust those serving our nation's freedoms, so many take for granted. Well, its time we step up and take care of those who've been willing to place their lives in harms way. The fact that we have some of these Heroes, unable to take care of themselves and loved ones, causing them to seek assistance via civilian government programs, is an absolute dereliction of duty. If National Unity is of any concern, the following is a great place to begin:

1. Any military personnel, currently serving or has served, should be excluded from paying any Federal, State, and Local income Tax, for LIFE!

2. Any and All, Federal, State, and Local fee(s). DMV, HOA, etc. is no longer assessed.

3. A life time monetary stipend shall be implemented ASAP.

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