Homeland Security needs to monitor Right-Wing Extremists!

Use our intelligence network to prevent terrorists, foreign and DOMESTIC!

Some Conservatives to the far-right, who consider themselves to be the "real America" or the only "pro-Americans" are accumulating weapons and ammunition, are threatening TREASON. There is a poll on Sean Hannity's website asking what kind of revolution his viewers want: military coup, armed rebellion, or war for secession. Glenn Beck says "we surround them". Conservative t-shirts online say "vote from the rooftops" with pictures of sniper rifles. Homeland Security should definitely keep track of people who may become domestic terrorists or take part in sedition and hate crimes against minorities, liberals, and gays. We don't need another situation like in the mid-1990s when, afraid of and/or angry at Bill Clinton's Liberal Democratic administration of the day, started putting together cults of violent extremists who eventually took their lives and the lives of authorities when confronted. We don't need more David Koresh's and Timothy McVeighs. Also, since many white supremacist groups have been telling their followers to get into the military for weapons training for several years now, soldiers returning from the middle east should be closely watched, as many of them are likely to commit hate crimes, feeling that their country has been "taken over" by President Obama and Mexican immigrants while they were gone. Ex-military men often become serial killers and terrorists due to the mental trauma of their time in the service as it is, but in today's climate of paranoia against brown and black people by Conservatives, this is likely to happen even more.