Hold the Department of Defense Accountable for Inappropriate Actions Done by Our Troops!

It's Time To Put A Stop to the Inappropriate Actions Done by Some of Our Troops Serving in the Military

Dear Members of Congress & President Obama,

After watching a video of some of the troops taunting a crippled dog that was in need of medical help, these troop members laughed and made despicable pathetic remarks and DID NOTHING to aid this poor helpless dog who badly needed medical attention. This is one of many incidents I've seen on television and on the internet of our troops acting inappropriately while serving our country. Examples of inappropriate behavior that have been exhibited are the unnecessary torturing, humiliation of people, and sickening videos of skits assassinating people, and wearing ridiculous masks and using derogatory filthy language.

After recently watching the video of the crippled dog, I immediately emailed the Department of Defense asking for an explanation into why these troops engaged in such irresponsible behavior and "kindly" asked for a reply and received no response!

I emailed the D.O.D. a few weeks later regarding this email and "I still never received a response". So after being repeatedly ignored from them, I called the D.O.D. and many of the operators hung up on me, and never connected me to a supervisor or manager when I requested that they do so. So I guess the D.O.D. doesn't have a logical explanation into this disgusting video, and could care less about what our military troops are doing on their free time? And us tax payers are paying them for doing such morally unrelenting actions, while not in combat. After seeing this video, it makes me ashamed that are military is disgracing our nation with these despicable actions. Is this how we "WANT OTHER COUNTRIES" to visualize the Morals and Values of what the U.S.A. stands for?? This is absolutely a "DISHONOR TO OUR PEOPLE AND NATION" and it NEEDS TO BE STOPPED IMMEDIATELY! Military troops who feel that they want to exhibit degrading behavior like this, should be IMMEDIATELY dishonorably discharged for their insulting disparaging behavior. Its time for some of our troops to act like morally responsible adults, instead of exhibiting behavior of a mentally deranged person.

Here is the link to the taunted dog who was ignored by our troops:

Another incident of troops taunting a dog in the military:

Unfortunately and sadly, here is another horrific video of some of our troops beating a innocent vulnerable sheep:

And then there's this horrific video which by far is the most barbaric act of them all:

"We the People, the Citizens of the United States", ask for a FULL INVESTIGATION into the heinous incidents depicted in these videos, and expect no less! These barbaric crimes MUST NOT be condoned any longer by the Dept. of Defense. By condoning these criminal actions, we are promoting our country as a barbaric nation that has no regards for animals and all of mankind. Lets be the nation who is a compassionate nation that has soldiers who have morals, and a country that is a leader, and NOT a follower! Our country has a long way to go in becoming "ONE GREAT NATION", if this type of behavior persists, and our government continues to condone these actions!!

Dept. of Defense, you can no longer hide these problems because US AMERICANS are watching YOU and our soldiers!!

And for those soldiers who felt proud enough and so inclined to video tape these atrocities, YOU are NO hero in my eyes, but simply COWARDS with your psychotic and barbaric actions!! These soldiers should have taken into consideration that their despicable actions are also tarnishing the image of their fellow soldiers who serve their country with pride and dignity. What a disgrace they are to their fellow soldiers in uniform!!

Military recruiters need to be held accountable for service members that they enlist into our military, by conducting very thorough psychological evaluations on individuals to ensure that they are fit to serve our country and are not mentally disturbed in any way.

It's due time the Dept. of Defense holds accountable the behavior of the troops, so that their actions DON'T HUMILIATE our Country! With their inhumane actions, they are encouraging more animal abuse crimes here in this country, which we already are dealing with ENOUGH horrid crimes being afflicted to animals without the perpetrator receiving any SEVERE punishments for their heinous crimes! Please put a stop to these killing machines in our military, Thank you!!