High Kill Shelters and Animal Control Needs To Be Shut Down

Animals are killed in two to three days, and are being abused

These agencys are Horrible!

(High kill shelters, Animal Control, and some Animal Breeders)

Animals are not given the proper chance to be adopted.

These agencys are killing animals two to three days of arrival,and some of these agencys are also abusing these animals in the short time they have to live.

Also,some of these agencys, are killing animals in a very inhumane way.

They use gas chambers that are not sealed, so it takes for ever for the animal to die.

Some are shot, and now there is a new way called crushing.

All of this is very unacceptable!

Also,all unwanted animals should be free of charge,to drop off at other agencys.

I can not think that our country, as great as it is, can allow this to happen!

Please support this, and close these agencys once and for all!