Helping American People Get Back On Their Feet

Our government needs to read this letter wrote for the people by Steve Gardener The American people are hurting and it is very clear that our Government has refuse in helping us in our time of need. Canada and Australia's government has given them a monthly stimulus since the beginning of the COVID -19 virus. What is your excuse for abandoning the American people? Why are you stalling in giving monthly stimulus payments for the people when it is clear they are desperately needed? Wake Up! We The People Demand you do right by us Today not in August but Now!!! We want, need, and now demand retroactive monthly stimulus payments and monthly stimulus payments until this virus has a vaccine or cure. Please, Do Your Jobs! People and Seniors on a fixed income, people on SSDI/SS have nowhere to turn. We aren't able to get loans, collect unemployment with the extra $600. Yet our bills are getting higher and our income doesn't. The cost of food and the fear of contacting the COVID -19 Virus is a nightmare. We have stayed home as asked and only one check have we seen. We have no peace and live in constant uncertainly. How can we spend money when we don't have the money to spend? You sadly have forgotten us. Please take the time and go on youtube and read the letter written to President Trump from Steve Garnder it really is how so many of us feel. Thank you for your time and consideration in this urgent matter.