Help US citizens before illegal immigrants

It's time that the government chooses the American people over illegal aliens or foreign aide

The US is suffering enough. With all the debts, homeless, jobless, and other things that are affecting American citizens and the family systems it is time to make some effective changes.

I propose that we deport all the illegal aliens and give Americans their jobs and homes. Let true Americans prosper - not people who are not even a part of this country. People say that the illegals who come here are here for jobs and they are cheap labor. Well, I would assume that Americans who are jobless or homeless would work at a low paying (but at least minimum wage) job to get back on their feet.

Not only that, but illegal aliens are granted free help, social security, and other things that should only be given to American citizens. Why not save that money that goes towards those things and give them to Americans who really need it?!

It's time that this government is more concerned about the American people than illegal immigrants! If illegal immigrants want to come here for work or anything else, then they should BECOME LEGAL AMERICAN CITIZENS (and that includes everything associated with being here in the US - english language, law abiding, hard working, etc)!