Help our internationally abducted cildren.

Get our abducted children home.

We call on all elected officials and appointees to create and pass new legislation to get our children home. All federal and all state Governments should be working hard to get EVERY Internationally abducted children home to the United States. A new campaign (public) should be aired to let ALL American's know and understand the hazard's of International travel with children. We call on our Government to apply pressure to the countries that harbor these abducted children and the abducting parents. We call on our Government to control the action's of our US Embassies and instruct them to assist left behind parent's, and treat these situation's for what they are ABDUCTIONS! I am one father of an abucted child, Joseph Martin Allen abducted in Colombia. There are so many of us. Help us with all means possible, and treat International Abductions for what they are, ABDUCTION'S. We call on our elected Representative's in our district's to offer us real assistance, which now is very rare. We call on the President to get directly involved in each case.