Help Bring Nicholas Home!

Nicholas' Adoptive Parents have been fighting since 12/24/06 to bring him home.

NEW UPDATE 4/15/2010 !! On May 6th there will be a Congressional Briefing and a March on Congress sponsored by the Guatemala900 Group in support of the Grandfathered cases ! Please contact your local & State Representatives and Invite them. It will take place from 10-Noon on May 6th in Washington DC and families will be there to share their issues/stories and concerns. Lynn Amorino will be there to Fight for Nicholas !!! If your representatives need more information, they can call CCAI (Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute) has offered to support us with logistics and advice. Your reps are welcome to contact CCAI with additional questions (202-544-8500). Thank you for your continued Support !!!

****UPDATE: PLEASE contact your US Congressperson and make them aware of the situation. Ask them to contact the Guatemalan Embassy in Washington DC and urgently request that this action be reviewed, 202-745-4953, Also ask your representatives to contact Kay Anske at the US Embassy in Guatemala with the same information - her email is . They may also reach her at 011-502-2326-4449. We know that this is asking a lot but when it comes to the life of a child, we must do everything we can. All it takes is looking into those big brown eyes to fall madly inlove with Nicholas. He deserves his family TODAY! From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for all your support.**************

Most people take becoming a parent for granted. But for John and Lynn Amorino of Fowlerville, Michigan, it has been a long, long fight. In 2006, they began the adoption process to adopt a child from Guatemala. They were matched with a little boy, Nicholas, on December 24, 2006. Since that time, their agency has gone bankrupt and they have been forced to fight to bring Nicholas home all on their own. They have no one to fight on their behalf in Guatemala. Mrs. Amorino has made six visit trips to Guatemala to bond with Nicholas. She has even gone so far as to secure a meeting with the head of the Minors Division of PGN in Guatemala City. This woman looked Mrs. Amorino in the face and promised her that she would sign Nicholas' adoption file and the file would be sent to the Director of PGN for final review and signature. That was six weeks ago.

Now Mrs. Amorino is being told that Nicholas' file has been flagged for yet another investigation. They are now stating that they want to talk to the birth mother, again. PGN has already met with Nicholas' birth mother and conducted an interview. This clearly is a tactic to delay and/or derail the completion of one of the few remaining Grandfathered adoption cases left in Guatemala. He has been in the adoption process so long now that it could be very difficult to find his birth mother. If this is the case, they would rule him unadoptable under the case we have pending and he would be considered an Abandonment case. They would be precluded from adopting him forever. They cannot allow this to happen. Nicholas's rights are being violated. His rights to a forever family and a home are being violated ! He has a family waiting to bring him home and the Amorino's have complied with every request, every law and every requirement asked of them. Their son deserves his chance to come home. Enough is enough.

On behalf of the adoption community, we are begging you to help them fight for Nicholas. When he calls to talk to his Mommy and Daddy, he tells them he loves them and asks when he is coming to Michigan. Each day that passes, will make it that much harder for him to have a smooth transition into the family that has been fighting for years to bring him home. Please sign this petition and send it to everyone you know. We pray this will reach the hearts of someone in power in the US that is willing to help intervene in Guatemala. Thank you, Lynn & John Amorino