Heartless social workers

A year in a half ago after me having a job for 4 years at the same restuarant it went out of business and left me and my 5 children homeless living in a tent. Then one day the worse day of my life while i went yo attend a lunch in at my childrens school cps rudely interrupted bye saying they were taking my children and placing them into foster care because i dont have housing and donestic violence and didnt even bother to ask us if we needed help with housing. They took all 5 of my kids and still have them to this day we have been through like 6 social workers and none of them trying to help us get housing, nor any kind of help to get reunification with our we are talking about these heartless individuals that are breaking up families, causing seperation anxiety to children and traumatizing them as well. They have get togethers for taking peoples children and giveout awards these are sick sick people...Think about it they wouldnt have a job if they disnt take peoples kid so what are they going to do there going to take peoples children so there guarentee a pay check. Everyone please sign this petition we need to all come together to prove that there wrong and we deserve our children...
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